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How to Get Noticed Among Billions of Sites Online with SEO

Up to 81% of all commercial purchases begin with an online search according to Not surprising in the current digital age of information. So, you should expect that the higher your site ranks in relevant searches, the better chances customers will select your business over lower ranking competition.

The magic stuff that takes place behind the Internet curtain to help your website get higher up on search engines is what the industry calls Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Simply put, to get more visitors your website must be optimized to pull traffic. And that’s the first step to getting more customers and more money. And all businesses like money, right?

The Proof is in the Pudding

We have a result-oriented formula to get your site first page results on targeted keyword searches within 6 months of starting your SEO campaign. Our analytical tools give you 24/7 visibility to an account dashboard where you can monitor the exact number of visitors viewing your site, where they came from and how they found you. So, nothing is left to guess work.

1. We Study Your Business

We start with a phone consultation where we discuss your business industry, goals & targets and the most effective solution within your budget constraints.

2. Our SEO Team Starts Work

After initial website audit analysis and researching your markets high performing competitors, our SEO team makes customized adjustments to boost your search results.

3. See Your Traffic Increase

Like all good things, SEO takes time to work. But patience is a virtue and you’ll see steadily, verifiable positive results. In just a few months you can reach first page search results.

The Devil is in the Details

Learn more about what we do behind the curtains with our SEO service offerings

Site review

Our first step to optimize your site for search engines is to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Our analytics team reviews your current SEO effectiveness, then plans the most effective way to improve.

Keyword research

Based on your site’s content and SEO performance, our analysts select the best keyword(s) for your site, considering your industry and the services or products you offer. As well as target locations (if applicable) and high performing competitors. We discuss with you directly to review our conclusions and suggestions. Then together we decide the next steps.

Ongoing SEO management

Our SEO analysts routinely review your rankings and contact you either monthly or quarterly to review the performance. But you are always free to call us at any time you want to discuss anything issues you may observe. And if you’re happy with the initial keyword(s) performance, you can think about expanding your rankings with other keywords.

Ranking & reporting dashboard

Anytime you like, you can see how you’re performing with user friendly, textual and graphic reports available through your SEO dashboard. You can keep track of traffic, rankings and overall progress made during your campaign, all updated in real time.

Onsite recommendations

We recommend this highly effective strategy to all our clients to boost their SEO effectiveness. Our analysts carefully add the needed keywords to your website’s meta title, meta description and alt image tags through the back end. Though these changes are not visibly noticeable to the appearance of your site, they help search engines index your site with the associated keyword, improving their searchability and relevance in search algorithms. All changes we make must be approved by you beforehand.

Install Google tools

Our SEO experts install and configure the Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics software to help gather and analyze critical traffic and SEO data. And also, to more effectively catch and track potential errors to your SEO.

Google, Yahoo & Bing submissions

After your site is optimized for your targeted keyword(s), our SEO team submits your site to Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Business citation building

As the correct information is added to the top social sites like the Bing Business Portal, Yahoo Listings, Manta, Yellow Book, Foursquare, and Yelp, your site gets increased accessibility to people searching for your keyword(s). Search engines also increase your authority in their search algorithms.

Submission to directories

Submitting your site to business directory listings establish backlinks that direct traffic to your site, giving search engines even more reason to promote your website.

Keyword link building

Creating connections to other sites that are relevant to your keyword(s) let search engines know that you’re a trustworthy, knowledgeable source of information. We strategically find relevant and verified websites to work with. Writing a brief, unique statement with relevant keyword(s) and content, then include a link back to your website.

Social bookmarking

Lastly, our SEO analysts bookmark the links created for your business on sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Digg and others. This serves as a compilation of their “favorite” sites in one easy location. These now become incoming links to your website, which is a key way search engines use to determine their ranking. Also, the public nature of the bookmarks allows them to be viewed by others people to draw their traffic to your site as well.

Custom blogs content

Our content creators will write short posts that incorporate your keywords several times and link back to your website. These posts affect SEO as they let search engines know your keywords are relevant discussion topics. Blogs also help to establish substantial links to your website.

Every post is created to be relevant and unique. They are carefully reviewed for contextual clarity, grammatical errors and authenticity to avoid copyright or plagiarism issues. Our blogs are written to be specific to your website, business and industry to give it an individual touch just for you.

Articles content creation

Unlike blog posts, articles are generally longer and more in depth. So, we’re able to incorporate your keyword(s) many more times as well as the links back to your website. You can expect much more time, data and research to go into articles. So, readers will view them with more authority in your respective industry that a blog post. And you’ll get more credibility with search engines as well.

We vet articles with the same comprehensive inspection process as blog posts. However, the articles are submitted to popular websites with established audiences on a national level. Allowing your keywords and links back to your site to reach an even greater audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SEO services work?

Once you sign up for one of our SEO packages our team will contact you with the necessary information needed to get started within 2-3 business days. Afterwards our SEO analysts immediately get to work optimizing both on-site and off-site to start ranking your website quickly.

Are there any guarantees for SEO results?

Because every website is unique and online competition, as well as search engines are dynamic, we can’t guarantee any SEO results. But our strategy has a proven track record of successful ranking increases across several industries. When customers allow us to perform on-site optimizations and implement a sustained off-site SEO campaign, we achieve an up to 80% success rate of getting them first page search ranking on Google for their target keyword within 6 months.

What does SEO services include?

You get access to our SEO analysis experts who work closely with you to develop a customized strategic plan of action tailored to your site and industry. Included are all required on and off-site SEO implementations that will work to improve your website ranking across all search engines. For a complete list of the services included with SEO, you can check out the section above titled “The devil is in the details”.

SEO Service Packages

Flexible and Affordable Solutions for Online Visibility

  • One Time SEO Service


    Site review + Keyword research + Onsite recommendations + Install Google tools + Google, Yahoo & Bing submissions + Business citation building + Submission to directories + Keyword link building + Social bookmarking

  • SimplePlan SEO Service

    1000$ down and 800$ per month

    Everything included in the One Time SEO Service + Ongoing SEO management + Ranking & reporting dashboard + Custom blogs content + Articles content creation + Build and manage an additional digital asset marketing website

  • One Time Google My Business Page Creation


    Facilitation of physical location confirmation with Google postcard + Setup of GMB business page + Completion and optimization of all GMB offerings

  • SimplePlan Google My Business Service

    200$ down and 50$ per month

    Everything included in the One Time GMB Page Creation + GMB page management + Uploading of custom posts, photos and other updates for business services and product offerings, events and more

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