Went to Zoup with a couple friends. One of my friend’s heard from someone else who described it as having very tasty food. My friend summarized it as a better version of Panera Bread only with better selection. Right from the beginning, the staff was super polite and introduced the different things you could get in the menu as well as the bowl sizes. She even offered small taste samples of any soup of our selection. They come in small black containers and it was a great way of choosing which soup to select. Anyway, I got the chicken pot pie bread bowl. It was delicious. After finishing up my soup in the bread bowl, I was full with just eating half the bread bowl. I also had the classic mac which came with breadcrumbs. That was really tasty. It came in a large plastic container. There were a variety of fruity drinks. I had the classic lemonade. It was refreshing. Overall, the staff was polite. The atmosphere and lighting was great. If your into soups, this is the place to be.