virginia nye

New customer and first experience was horrible. Plumbers left behind fecal matter in the basement toilet and tub. I called today and supervisor was very unprofessional. I left my number with office and asked to have owner call me. I was going to use this company in the future when time came to fix sub pump system because I forked out over 200.00 that I was told would go towards future work but I’m not now.

Wouldnt recommend this company to anyone. They sprinkled what plumber said they call “pink dust” on the bathroom floor but didn’t clean up after themselves?? The toilet seat was down prior to them coming here and clean inside and the tub curtain was pulled back and the mat was still lying inside tub prior to them coming here yesterday and now both are covered in fecal matter. I was told by supervisor that the plumbers said the fecal matter was already there. I told them that I live with other people and no one smelled anything in that bathroom prior to them coming over yesterday morning and that that bathroom has been out of commission for a while now. I work nights so I contacted them today.

Also, if it was already in the tub and sink why did they go out of there way to sprinkle “pink dust” all over in there if it was already in there? Job was quick and it is no wonder why …