Trivia Thrasher

My carpet was in very good condition and I just wanted a good cleaning for the holidays so i called them the owner came out saw that my carpet was in very good condition and said he can see i take really good care of my carpet so he sent a worker out while he doing my carpet i see he is not using any fans which the owner came for the consultation and Express they use fans and the by the time he gets done my carpet will be just about dry but he didn’t used any fans so than the next day my daughter’s room have a bad smell of mildew and ive never had any odor in my home anytime what so ever until i let this company come in my home also a huge brown stain on my white carpet that came from the cleaning this company did. I called the company several times and yet no return calls or attempts to fix the problem this company is so unprofessional i was very disappointed and still am had to get another company to clean up behind this company.