Trey Andrew

Nice park with around 5 miles of trails, most either smoothly paved or packed gravel, and some dirt trails through the woods or grass trails through the fields. You can bike on the majority of them (I did) but it seems like most people walk or run. Some beautiful views of fields, forest, and river. The trails are very accessible to most people (flat and wide in a lot of places and like I said paved) but some of the ones in the woods are narrow and rocky and twisty-turny. There’s some nice Benches made of old metal scavenged parts, and some wooden picnic tables in verifiably places. There’s also at least 3 parking lots around the park where there’s self-pay boxes ($4 in state, $5 out of state) and a few places you can park nearby for free. The bridge, paths, benches, trail maps, and everything else I saw was well made and new, all in all a solid park, would recommend.