Tom Johnson-Medland

This was my first time here and it was exceptional. Stunning interior that is elegant and comfortable. Great view of downtown shops. The lamb was unbelievable – and that is saying a lot because I cook it really well myself and eat it often. So moist; and, not fatty. The skewer appetizer features aged lamb which had a markedly distinct flavor – great rubs on the skewer and the ribs were a real enhancement. Mushrooms were out of this world. Cheesecake and espresso ended the meal with a fine finish. The server was helpful, kind, and hospitable. A definite stop when in the city.

A poem for my next book, written while at table:


Is there a space in my aging
where it is an acceptable thing
to forget; a place where it is whole
to be weak, broken open, and to be undone.

Perhaps a knoll of sorts, where
it is really just fine to be disheveled of heart. To lay off being driven for perfection, and to just not iron
the creases of my life and work.

A place of unperturbed repose and unwind – a kin to Whitman’s need
to lean and loafe at ease.

It is here, in my me. In the core
of what I have built. Behind the busy
sidewalks of forward motion and
progress. It is here in the stillness
of quiet pause and hungering toward