Tina Layton

My husband and I ate here tonight around dinner hour.

The good- we were seated within 5 minutes(now we know why they weren’t busy), and our waitress was friendly. The appetizer was good as well.

The bad- we waited a long time for our dinners to come out. I ordered chicken with asparagus and tomato, and literally had two tomatoes and two pieces of asparagus on top my chicken. It came out cold. Additionally, my broccoli was raw……
My husband ordered a steak and fries, and salad. The salad was good. The steak and fries were barely warm. The steak was thin, about half as thick as one from the texas roadhouse, and then once home he has had bad heartburn tonight.

All in all, do not recommend, and we won’t be back. Two stars ONLY because our waitress tried! Even she felt bad when she saw we barely touched our food…..and are out $68……..