Theresa Hillier

We went to Salisbury Red Lobster for endless Shrimp on Monday. I cannot tell you how awesome that it was. It was only $15.99 a person. Our waitress was awesome! We ordered grilled shrimp on a skewer over a bed of rice pilaf, Shrimp Scampi which was cooked in garlic and butter, and fried shrimp that had an incredible coating. They bring the shrimp dishes 2 at a time. DELICIOUS seems like an understatement. It was shrimp heaven! So then you get to order 2 sides in addition to the shrimp! This is endless, eat ALL the Shrimp that you want to! We ordered broccoli, huge fluffy baked potato loaded with sour cream and butter, I ordered cole slaw and sea salt french fries, which were crunchy and soft on the inside. I would recommend the endless shrimp on Mondays, between 11am and I think 6pm, not really sure about the time. This was a MOST enjoyable dinner, and we will repeat it often. You cannot beat this deal, it is unequaled! Go there as soon as you can, you will be extremely pleased!!! AMAZING!!!