Theodore Kruppa

The service was awesome! Accolades!

They had recently changed their boneless wings. Though I liked the old ones, the new ones were so much better. They are more tender. I ordered the sauces that I usually get. I like them a little spicy hot.

Evidently, they changed the sauces too. When I asked, before we left, I was told that yes, the new sauces are hotter. These not only tasted different but were so spicy hot that they were inedible. All of the new recipes were too spicy hot. One of the sauces was not supposed to be spicy hot, but it was. The extreme spicy hotness triggered my A-fib that I get occasionally.

Honestly, I do not think we (my family) will be going to any BWW anymore. We can get palatable wings other places. What were they thinking.

If I was informed wrongly and the sauce recipes have not changed, and/or something else happened this visit. I wish I knew. …somewhat enigmatic actually.