Teylor Emch

I’ve been going to Powerhouse only because it’s walking distance from my house. If I had another option within walking distance, I’d probably go there. Don’t get me wrong, this gym isn’t all bad but it definitely could use some sprucing up. The bathrooms/basement area always smell like sewage and flood somewhat frequently. The equipment is pretty old school, which some like, but it all could use a good cleaning. Cardio machines are dust-covered and almost all have their cupholders missing. The rec-room upstairs always has stuff everywhere and mats/balls are just in a heap on the side for you to dig through. The tile flooring in there separates and will pinch you. Another con, which they can’t help, is the bus stop out front makes for some interesting interactions. People pee in the ally near the exit and homeless people hangout there. BUT, if you’re looking for a classic gym that welcomes the big, beefy, grunting, bodybuilder type, this gym is great for that. People are serious about their work outs. If you can overlook the cosmetics of some of it, this gym is pretty cool.