Teresa Crowe

The welcome to the restaurant and personalized description of the menu were wonderful. The food was well-prepared and delicious. There were a couple of turn-offs. First, one of the owners was unable to hide her irritation when we decided to split an entree. They charged us $15 for the split, which was fine because the split-entree included the side items on both plates. We did not appreciate the attitude from the owner who did not speak to us again through the remainder of our meal. The second problem was that the kitchen did not follow health department guidelines. Specifically, the cook was not wearing a hair restraint, did not wear gloves and did not wash his hands during the hour and half we were there. He used his bare hands to directly touch food when it came out of the oven. He then misted his glasses with cleaning spray in the area were food was plated. We gave this place a generous 4-star review because of the delicious food, but the etiquette and cleanliness left a lot to be desired.