Tatiana De Angelo

Just called for dinner and their customer service is horrendous. We wanted 20 wings with half mild and half hot. When we asked for this we were not told we would be charged extra. We were charged more for 20 wings with two separate sauces then if we had just said I want 10 mild wings and 10 hot wings. That is dishonest. When I said to the lady on the phone that going forward they should let their customers know that they would be charged more she told me that she does not tell people until they ask. I then told her that even though it might seem like a small charge it is not ok. So if you order from here be sure to say your wings in increments of 10 instead so you don’t get charged an extra $3. We were still going to order from here after this but when I asked her to read back the rest of the order because it still was not adding up she hung up on me. So we took our business to Middletown Pizza where they allowed us to have half mild and half hot at no extra charge. And did not charge for bleu cheese sauce. The customer service at Middletown Pizza was much better and more polite. I will go here going forward even though they do not deliver.