Tamara Wiseman

The words to Express my disappointment with this company could fill volume . So I will stick to highlights. First we had a great impression. The owner came out and walked us through pools, pavers, and fireplaces. He provided some estimates of prices and left with a good idea of our vision. We were told that someone in office would put our vision on paper so we could see it and discuss prices. After a week of not hearing anything I was contacted by someone to ask me what it was we were looking for. We explained that we had already told the owner in detail. So I had to end up sending him pictures and ideas again. We finally got a hand drawn sketch to review, which I couldn’t even take a copy to share with my husband who couldn’t be there to view the proposa . So he had to end up coming back down a couple of weeks later to see the plan himself. The price we were quoted was excessive and not even close to the original prices we were given. When asked why there was such a difference the owner told me he wasn’t a sales person so he didnt really know the prices. He is the owner and has had the company for awhile so you would think he should be able to come up with fairly accurate quotes. We asked if we could meet with them to go over pricing in person to discuss options. After not hearing from the several emails I sent I finally got a note back saying he was going to have an operation and be out for 3 weeks so he had not had time to respond and the graphics person had been out of the office for over 2 weeks. With their level of staff seems like someone could have contacted us. We were asked to be patient until he was back from surgery and that we could discuss options then. So we waited for over 5 weeks and reached out again trying to set up a meetin . Noone would return our messages. I finally got a message saying that the graphics person would follow up with the owner and get back to m . After 3 days still nothing. Once we were in town I wrote again asking for a meeting and the graphics person said he would have to work on the owner again. This led me to believe the owner wasn’t interested in meeting with us which was fine. But why weren’t we just told that. This is especially troublesome because this was going to be a high dollar project. We have since reached out to 3 other companies, all who have responded timely and have provided us with 3d graphics incorporating our plan into our back yard so we can visually see what it will look like. In this day of technology i am not sure how any company does not use graphics. We were told that he is old school and liked to sketch his drawings. Needless to say I am happy we moved on to other companies. G8ven their lack of communication and unprofessional attitude towards customer service I do not recommend using them. Other companies are much more technologically advanced and communicative.