Stephen Bozeman

Second time at this location which says something all by itself. If it’s our second visit that means the first one was good. So let’s start with the hostess. She actually looked like she just crawled out of bed. No worries. I just feel like the first impression of a place means a lot. We got seated and were quickly greeted by Ashley. Very friendly and very attentive. We ordered our drinks and she asked about our order. I asked for some new dish on the menu with crab and goodness for an appetizer. They were all out! After she talked me down off the ledge and explained how popular the dish was I understood. But the lobster and shrimp mac n cheese was off the chain! Big chunks of lobster. Claw meat but whatever. Lots of shrimp. Very good. Then the lobster and shrimp chief chowder was equally as good. Again lots off meat and great flavor. My wife had the crispy brussel sprouts. Loved them! She also had the French onion soup which she also loved. All in all we had an experience that said please come back and we certainly will.