Shiv Ganesh

This was my first time in an escape room, so I did not know what to expect. The setup usually consists of one to two rooms. The staff gives you key points you need to figure out by searching the room for clues. If you get stuck, hints are given to move you along. I had the Zodiac Killer.

In my opinion, I do not see anyone or I would be surprised if someone was able to solve the case without any clues. You have to be aware of the most minuscule clues and patterns. One issue I did have was having difficulty reading some codes that needed to be deciphered. In addition, there are some things you may find that are actually not needed to solve the case.

Overall, it was not a bad experience, but value-wise it leaves a lot to be desired. The setup and props were great though. If you work with more people, it might be easier. I am hoping the other rooms are a little better than this.