Sherry Riggin

Baker Petroleum is horrible. We just switched to another company.
I have be hung up on at least 6 times when I have talked to them.
Their staff definitely needs some training in customer service. All of them….
They delivered gas to our home twice in 17 days and charged us for 65 gallons and we weren’t even there for almost 2 months. Had everything shut down. Found out the equipment /regulator on the tank(which they own) had a leak and they never inspected or repaired it. The gas leaked out and they what us to pay a $197.00 bill. When I tried to discuss with them I was hung up on again. Had the tank replaced by a different company. There was still gas in the tank when they came for it and they didn’t even send me a credit. Just got another bill with a finance charge added.
That place is a joke….