Shenelle Hicks

I started ordering here for lunch once I started working in Middletown and they have fast and cheap delivery for when I can’t get out of the office. I loved the food and had no complaints up until now. The last time I ordered my coworker and I ordered the buffalo chicken salad and a cheesesteak. Well they sent us a buffalo chicken sandwich instead of her salad. They quickly corrected it which was awesome but my cheesesteak was so greasy that when I went to pick it up it fell apart. I then tried to use a fork but by then all of the grease just took away from the taste. They let us keep the buffalo chicken sandwich so I attempted to eat that but the fried chicken patty on the sandwich was so hard that I couldn’t eat that either. Needless to say it was a very disappointing lunch for $15-20 including tip. I won’t say I will never order again because everyone has a bad day so maybe I caught them on theirs. 3 stars for the customer service and the awesome delivery drivers.