Shannon Budinger

The Smyrna Opera House is very clean, chairs are comfy, and those I’ve met there are friendly and have a beautiful heart. Thank you to all of the volunteers who take time away from your own family to assist with the FREE Family Movie Nights there, and who donate snacks & drinks and provide a welcoming environment for those who appreciate family togetherness.
My fiance and I took all three of our kids to watch the movie “Elf” (We’ve seen it before, but Will Ferrell is hilarious!) on the big screen at The Smyrna Opera House for free last week. It’s really nice that there are people who care enough and believe in getting plenty of family time, to volunteer their time and/or property to help bring more of that to our community. It’s especially great for families who may be struggling, who can’t really afford to spend $100 at the movie theater! We’re grateful for you!