Shannen Connelly

First time I came here I gave this place 5 stars. Thinking it was the best motel in the area that wasn’t unstable. But this is my second time here and sadly I have to give it 2 stars. 1. If you take their towels they’ll banned you from being a guest and won’t allow anyone whose with you to buy a room. Which to me is so unfair. Why should someone get blamed for someone elses actions? 2. The heater doesn’t even heat up the room and the housekeeper isn’t doing a good job since the screen was completely dirty. 3. They have bugs in their bathroom. Which makes me wonder how lazy housekeeping is. Cause if the housekeeper was doing their good correctly. There wouldn’t be any complaints. After today I will not come back. I rather save and sleep in a tent instead of an unstable motel.