seabehan1 .

After Pure Fitness bought out World Gym Millsboro, I had to cancel my membership. It started when they removed a recycling bin as they remodeled the gym and I suggested it be brought back. It took four separate emails before I received a response. That response being a curt one sentence response asking if I, as a member, would be willing to be responsible for the recycling. This exchange quickly resulted in me being frozen out of my account and unable to use the gym because I informed them I found their response irresponsible to ask of a paying member. I cannot be surprised at their response as I have found Pure Fitness to not care about their members but seem far more interested in squeezing out as much money from their members as possible. With a gym like this it is worth it to drive a little bit further or pay a bit more money to have a gym that treat their members with even a basic level of respect.