Sarina Cassell

My partner and I had our anniversary dinner here and were thrilled with the atmosphere as well as the food. We chose to do a surprise chef’s tasting and were presented with a full spectrum of flavors and textures, all of which were expertly prepared. We were pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of food we got to try, and anything we couldn’t finish (which was a considerable amount) was neatly boxed and handed to us with the check. For the price, you really can’t beat the experience and the quality of food. They were also incredibly mindful of my gluten intolerance, which can be difficult to work around when eating out. I can’t wait to go back! I highly recommend letting the chef choose which dishes you are served, because all of it will be fantastic. I also recommend reserving a table in advance. It does get very full very quickly, and if we had not reserved a table we probably would not have gotten one at all, and it was a weeknight.