Sann Coyle

We have been to the buffet 3-4 times in the last month. They never have any soup cups available….you have to ask and it takes the person FOREVER to get cups….they only bring a few at a time. There also are no soup spoons. We were told to ask our server for spoons which we did. He said ok and then ignored us for the rest of our meal. I ended up getting the plastic ice cream spoons for us to use…otherwise we had no way of eating the now lukewarm soup. On Saturday there was no salmon left at the chefs station….when I asked if there was any more available, he said he didn’t know but could check and then went to wait on someone getting crab legs. So, after another wait he brought some out…did not slice it, just gave me the tongs and said to take what I wanted. Of course by now, the rest of my food was cold. The workers do not seem to really care and are definitely in no hurry to accommodate the customers. I have worked in the restaurant business and have a hard time understanding why someone is not making sure that necessities like soup cups, spoons, and specials, like salmon are not plentiful or at least restocked before running out. Perhaps the management is at fault!