Sandra Chapman

Not only are there duck and geese and their excrement everywhere on the premises with odor in the air, the 1st night at 1:00 a.m. our electricity started tripping our surge protector. After several minutes of this my husband unplugged the 50 amp from the pole. The next morning after hooking 30 amp up it tripped on the 30 amp. The staff informed us it was our unit. We have made over 15 stopped on this trip so we had our doubts. We switched to generator power. After the second night of this we left, 1 day early. We have moved to our next location… surprise, surprise no problems at our end. I should have looked more closely at other reviews for this park before booking. We requested a refund to compensate for our terrible inconvenience but they didn’t care or will they work with you. We are just thankful we didn’t call for an electrician or buy a new surge protector as the owner had suggested. Picture of the pond and one of their site electrical poles, this was not our site but I wouldn’t think safe!