Samantha Pioli

I have always enjoyed coming here and have never once not had a good experience. However that changed today. Our waiter started us out with the cactus blossom only for us to sit there for ten minutes with no utensils to eat it with or drink to have along with it. He cane and asked if we wanted more rolls…. we never got the first roll until after our meal. We finally got our drinks only they weren’t what we ordered. We had to wait another ten minutes for someone to come to our table & get us our correct drinks. Our order came out my husband ordered his steak medium & mine was supposed to be well done. His was well done mine was raw, we did not have the same kind of steaks so we couldn’t switch to try & remedy the problem. Finally after another ten minutes the waiter came by to check and I was able to send my steak back to get cooked. By this time we were pretty much over it & just boxed it up to go. Overall this is a great place to eat and we love to eat here when we get the chance (this is the closest one and we travel over an hour away to come enjoy the steaks)