♢ Be prepared to pay for parking (metered parking if you park on the street) or pay @ the booth if you park in the back parking lot.
♢ I was not greeted by the worker- she was too busy making a to go order
♢ a worker from the back came out from the back of the kitchen. He complained loudly that he was unhappy he had to serve just one person in line (me) because he manager made it seem like there was a long line queueing up.
♢ A chicken bowl is about $7.60 and I always order a vinaigrette and a tortilla on the side. I get both white and brown rice, both pinto and black beans, chicken (choice of meat), 2 scoops of mild salsa, corn, sour cream (on the side), cheese and lettuce. Feel free to ask for a water cup.
♢ There are extra ramekins and lids for hot sauce to go.
♢ This location has A LOT of seating
♢ This location has two entrances – one in the back.. it connects to the back parking lot and one in the front (where the street parking and pedestrians mainly enter
♢ Overall I was happy with the taste of the food- this chipotle has great seasoning of the salsa.. I can really taste the cilantro which I am happy about. The Chicken DEFINITELY needs more seasoning though…
♢ The vinaigrette needs major improvement! There is way too much OIL.. The ratio is OFF-