This place is VERY underwhelming. Keep in mind- I have been to escape rooms across the country in different cities every time I travel and this location ranks lowest on my list.
I payed for the zombie escape room and what I experienced was just spray painting on the wall and several combination locks with no sense of direction or hints that do NOT correlate with each other.

please DO NOT waste your money if you actually want an enjoyable SOLVABLE experience. The escape rooms in Brooklyn nyc, ocean city md and even Philadelphia are the same pricing and don’t even compare to this “escape room”. I have been to escape rooms in Las Vegas.. Other escape places have multiple rooms that unlock to each other- REAL props, background music, realistic decor to where you feel fully immersed in your atmosphere, crawl spaces, jump scares, puzzles that AREN’t solely locks!!! Hidden writing with black lights, things you can dig through- take off the walls, hidden doorways etc.

Apart from my experience,
The staff was friendly, there is limited parking and I think this place of business for this area is a monopoly (obviously)- and that’s why it flourishes.
This place is good for this small town folk.. but in comparison to major cities (it’s a joke).