Rosetta Scott

This was my first time visiting and I am only mad that I didn’t stop in sooner! I was welcomed from the time I stepped in. I took a moment to decide what I wanted and sat down looking over the menu. The young lady at the counter came over and was ready to assist me. Very friendly! I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that they do not sell pork. This is definitely a plus for me and I felt safe to order anything off the menu. Great selection of food and there are a tables and chairs so that you could sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. It was also very clean. I appreciated that the lady at the counter went through so much care to wipe off my to-go containers before bagging my food. Also included napkins and forks. When I finally got to sit down and enjoy my food, it was great! It was flavorful and perfectly seasoned and you can tell, it was made with love and “soul”. Will definitely be back! Think I may have a new favorite!