Richard Dailey

Camping at Trap Pond has been my favorite place to enjoy the outdoors. Although is has been many years since I have camped, I have a renewed desire to organize my camp gear and head out…, until I read some of the new rules on campfire wood. As I understand, you cannot collect dead wood in the park(??), bring fire wood into the park, and it must be purchased locally or a the camp ground. Have you priced$$ firewood?$$ Camp site prices have gone up, now we have to purchase firewood. Out of state veterans have to pay premium fishing licence fees. All total, too expensive to camp. To me camping is about being out of doors, fishing and relaxing around a campfire. Anyone else who is on a fixed retirement income feel this way? If the high prices don’t concern you, then Trap pond is a most beautiful park with the best campsites.