Ps4iz .

Really fun place to check out! We did the scavenger hunts for both young kids and big kids and learned a lot about what it took to save lives back in the day. There is some great items of historical significance specific to Ocean City and it was very interesting to see how people have enjoyed the island over the years. If you have ever wondered what the sand of different beaches from all over the world look like, look no further, because they have samples here that come in a range of color and coarseness. The aquarium room is small but has some really cool species that can be found locally in the wild and the kids were so excited to see everything so close. The kids also had fun putting on the captain hat for a picture in the kids room where they also had a chance to “save” a stuffed bear. We had a lot of fun here and it also served as a good place to ride out the brief squall that was happening outside. 😃