Nora Carle

Ordered through mobile order today while at work. Sent one of my coworkers over to grab my sandwich when she went to get her own lunch because we were fairly busy at our store. When she got there and ordered her sub, the person making the subs (which my coworker described to be the manager or a shift leader probably?) refused to make the sub I had ordered until the specified time on the receipt. My coworker said how she would have to walk back over to get it (which is a far walk) and they were completely fine with that. It is cold, we were busy at our store, and we were now inconvenienced by a staff that does not care about it’s customers. When I came in to get my order (I made sure to give them ample time to finish the sub, didn’t want them to be TOO overwhelmed by such a simple order) and there wasn’t even anybody up front, they were all hanging out in the back, and nobody came up front until I slammed my wallet loud enough on the counter that it got their attention. I was given no apology for being inconvenienced (it was extremely evident I was not happy about coming back and leaving my coworker alone in the store) and was just given the sub. I felt bad for the two younger employees because I know this wasn’t their fault and my coworker said that they tried to be helpful. This comment is directly towards the person in charge who was making sandwiches today. I also work at a place that has mobile orders and I have never once refused to make an order if a customer gets there early. I used to come to this location nearly everyday, but have slowly stopped going as much because my favorite employees are no longer there. This just proved my point as to why I should just stop going all together.