Nikki D

If wishbone just sold chicken it would get 5 stars. I decided to venture beyond the chicken & salad and try some of their sides.
Do not buy any of the sides (desserts, cornbread, biscuit) because it is absolutely not worth it.
$4.50 for a pound of white meat chicken with their breading, is delicious and fair.
The price for what you get for the sides is basically robbery. $3.50 for the pudding, $2.25 for the biscuit, and $2.75 for the cornbread. The portions are incredibly tiny. 100% not worth it (pictures for comparison) the taste is no better than what you could make in your kitchen.
I also think it’s a bit irritating that they charge .50 cents-.75cents for their sauces but admittedly the sauces are all very good, especially the pesto, so I’ll let it slide.
I will continue to go because again, their chicken is incredible. But only for their chicken.
Their selection of sodas & beer is pretty decent too and customer service has always been great.