Nicole Diaz

My experience at this Walmart has always been disappointing but todays experiences at the bakery was the worst. I asked two days ago if I could order a cake that has a photo printed on it. The clerk was polite and said the printing machine has been broken for 5 to 6 weeks and she didn’t know when it would be fixed. Which is fine I didn’t even care for the position of the picture anyways. I went in today to ask if they knew when it be fixed and also could the cake be made with out it. The associate didn’t let me complete my set of questions before she huffed and said well like they told you before it’s broken and we cannot make any of the cakes with anything printed on it. We will not take any of those orders and we don’t have the kit for that cake. And I said oh okay. She couldn’t call Milford Walmart to see if they hAve it in stock. Of course she said no and offered no help but an attitude. She went to the side and told her coworkers she couldn’t deal with me anymore. She didn’t have a name tag on and the entire staff just didn’t seem like they wanted to help. They were more interested in gossiping about their other coworkers and talking about their weekend plans. never did I get rude with her. I just don’t understand how hard it is to be polite.