Monica Hanna

I will return to hike the trails and to visit Fowler Beach. Mom and I visited the well equipped Ranger Station and got maps and info.
This NWR was unknown to me and obviously a well-kept secret gem! We spent a lot of time driving the winding roads and on Route 1 that is the only way to reach the winding beach access roads. Protecting the acres of protected bay dunes and marshlands is obviously an important priority. So expect to park and walk to area close to waterways! The dunes are unharmed and I saw a snowy egret and some turtles and visitors crabbing off a bridge over a stream.
I watch, study and maybe photograph Nature and wildlife! Though, this refuge is a resource for permitted hunters of waterfowl in season. I saw info and tags near the eastern entrance.
I also noticed a trail head for The National Trail System Florida to Canada. Pack lunch this refuge is purely natural. No pizza or fries!