Mikey Staley

I ordered on the App for carry-out a little before 6:00pm. The app said my order was complete and ready for pickup at 6:13. I arrived at the store a little after and paid for my order and then the cashier didn’t even look for my order on the shelf or give me any instructions. I stood at the counter for a couple minutes assuming the app was wrong and then found a seat to wait for my order. After sitting for a half-hour and never being engaged by the staff even to inquiring what my name was or what I ordered. I walked up to the counter and still waited a couple minutes until asked by the same cashier that checked me out what my name was on my order. After giving it to him, he checked the shelf and handed me my two pizzas that were on the shelf the whole time I was there. I seriously waited 45 minutes for my order that was ready when I paid for it… Thinking about it after, I could have been more assertive but it was still completely unprofessional and ridiculous that I waited so long