Michael Rivera

Lines can be long to get in. Understaffed at the counter on my most recent visit. 3 separate lines and one cashier…..that doesn’t add up. And two of the three lines were Platinum and Elite members. So that equated to a half hour wait to get through the line to the cashier. This wait did increase my hunger and I was looking forward to sitting down to some good eats. Unfortunately on this trip, the food was very underwhelming. We got in line at 7:15 and were seated at 7:45, and the buffet closed at 8 this evening. Perhaps the proximity to closing affected the quality.

It was “steak night” and the steak was better than expected. Our waitress was a little out of sorts. She brought the wrong drink order to start with. Sampled much of the food they were offering. Not great, but edible. The chilled shrimp had an awful consistency like rubber. Definitely not very fresh. Overall, not fantastic. I had been comped the buffet from previous play in the casino. Otherwise I would have been seriously disappointed if I had to pay the $28 price tag.