Mel S

This is a very complicated review for me to write. We have been there twice, the first time for happy hour and appetizers and the other day for dinner. We have sat at the bar on both occasions. On the first we had a few drinks, a pound of shrimp and a basket of fried green beans. We later order burgers. I do give Yellowfin credit, because they will do their best to adapt to gluten-free if possible. The service on this occasion was great.

The issue arises with our recent visit on 2/21. There was limited seating at the bar to start when we arrived around 7:00PM. The only set of two chairs were all the way at the end on the right close to the wait station which definitely wasn’t ideal. I was forced to sit next to a trio of senior citizens, the man was driving around his wife and friend who were absolutely sloshed. When I thought they were leaving, they had to drink more and hinder us from moving down. Because of where we were sitting and the loud drunks next to us we received horrible service throughout the night. I became very irritated. We received no plates or utensils, napkins, etc. when we received our wings. The Yellowfin wings have a wonderful sweet and spicy flavor topped with fresh ginger and herbs. I would order again. I had ordered the crab cakes with a side salad and my friend ordered the duck breast special. The food was very good. My salad came out after my crab cakes which upset me, so I told them to put it in a to go bag. I had ordered it without crouton since I have Celiac Disease, but when I opened the salad the next day, it was smothered in croutons. I spoke to the manager about how unhappy I was. He said he would take care of us and deducted a measly 10% from our bill. If I looked like I needed or wanted a Senior Citizen discount I would have asked for one. This just infuriated me further! I let the bartender know how unhappy I was as well. We’re trying to establish ourselves at a place around here. The food is very good, but this last service really leaves a lot to be desired. I will have to see what develops before I return.