This place is gross, there are open containers of acrylic and they have residue all over it, if I could rate this place -30 stars I would, but unfortunately that’s not possible. I don’t bite or pick my nails and a piece of it cracked at my nail bed, and fell off. I got gel nail polish, she Nicked my thumb nail before putting it in the lamp and said it would be fine because “it’s gel”. Then afterwards she put a top coat then the color gel on top then another top coat she didn’t even cover the full nail and there are streaks. My nails are lumpy and have weird squiggly marks in them. At first when I came here I had high hopes because I always like to see the good in people, when she was filing my nails she dozed off looking at the tv and cut my ring finger slightly. She used a USED nail file and buffer on me which is HIGHLY UNSANITARY and then she put it back in the drawer, you’re supposed to DISPOSE them after you use them on a client. The service was friendly although the lady Lynn who was doing my nails focused more on talking than her work. Not to mention I got them done friday and the following Monday it cracked off.