The biggest red flag for us was when we were boxing up our food; the server dropped the container tops on the floor, putting them right back on our table. We highly suspect this place does NOT use sanitary best practices. Apparently, the health department already had to close this place due to an infestation and lack of cleanliness!! Wish we saw this before we went. 🤢🤢

The food was also not impressive. I got a veggie curry, asking if the vegetables in it were freshly cut and not frozen. She lied. They were definitely frozen. I won’t bother describing the rest of the food – bland. I’ve been eating authentic Indian for many years, and the food here tastes as though it came from a jar and was heated up.

The service was also just generally poor. She didn’t bother to check on us while we ate, or ask if we wanted our check….and thought dropping food containers on the floor was ok. I’d avoid this place.