We are in the area for about 4 months and this restaurant is right by our hotel. The food is great and service is good. Had one issue during the week of being missed. We were seated and had to ask for a waitress after seeing them pass us by repeatedly without acknowledging us. It was a miscommunication and as soon as it was brought to our intended waitresses attention she was very apologetic. No one had told her we were in her area.
Our food arrived quickly and she told us the cooks put our order up right away after she explained we had been waiting so long. We appreciated that tremendously and sent back a thank you to them.
We have been to this location a few times and took a childhood friend with us that flew in to visit for 2 days. We chose this restaurant because the staff is generally great. Nice atmosphere and when we told them about her being there they gave us pig hats and took our picture together. Very nice. Silly, but fun.