Came here with another couple hoping to find another great addition to the Rehoboth food scene. Instead, our dinner was underwhelming with nobody having had a great experience.
We started out with drinks at the upstairs bar. The balcony area provides a great outdoor space with direct reviews of Aqua cross the street. They had a decent beer selection and there was a piano player doing the usual standards (Billy Joel, etc.)
When we got seated downstairs (we had made reservations through their website), the first thing we noticed was that the place was very loud. Everything was brand new and looked amazing, but the place lacked anything that would dampen sound, creating an environment where everyone had to talk louder to hear each other.
For appetizers we got the grilled oysters, which were very disappointing as they lacked any real grilled flavor. Not to mention, the plate only contained three oysters and there were four of us. Our waiter, who was not very helpful, said there are normally four oysters per plate.
We also had the chicken wings which were interesting and tasty. Our friends have the asparagus salad and we had the warm Caesar. Both were good.
Our main source of discontent arrived with the entrees. I had the seafood pot pie, which, aside from the top crust, ate like a thin soup. The amount of seafood in the pie was scant and the soup was quite bland.
My wife and one other member of our party had the linguine with clams. Neither was impressed. The waiter warned us that the dish would be salty but he did not warn them that the pasta would be dry and that there wouldn’t really be any other flavors in the dish besides salt. Any sauce that accompanied the dish must have disappeared during the preparation.
Overall, we liked the menu and the decor, but the restaurant fell short in its execution -including both the kitchen and the service.
There were several shareable entree options, which is a great idea, but didn’t work for us based on our individual preferences and dietary restrictions.
We will probably make it back to try their happy hour but I don’t see us returning anytime soon for dinner due to the multitude of other great options in Rehoboth.