Liz Smith

I went inside and saw new ordering kiosks. Cool, right? WRONG. I ordered the new giant nachos box with EXTRA chicken and wanted jalapenos on the side. That was not an option on the kiosk but the very nice cashier went to the back and told them that. As I was paying the outrageous amount of $17, a person from the back came running out yelling “no! We don’t do that!” The cashier was just as stunned as I was the one yelling said “we don’t have that here”. The cashier gave me back my money and I went to order something else. Lo and behold, they called my name. They gave me 2 personal pizza sized boxes, charged me $17 and I left. Neither box had extra chicken, the one box literally had 1 piece and the other had 3. I’m talking about an inch sized piece. We felt cheated to say the least and I will not be coming back.