Lisa Bello

Your Wilmington, Delaware location is a complete joke! First it started off with cleats that are sitting on the shelf that employees cant even find the other match to. To signs advertising, “free glove steaming” until you get up to the register and they tell you the glove has to be a certain price. Then to top it off I get done spending $150.00 and the employee “forgot” to ring up a baseball bag, she scans it and says “59.99” I walk another employee directly over to the rack that THE SAME bag Is sitting on marked with a sign that says $34.99 his response was “Oh one of the other employees put the wrong sign up.” The kicker, HE DIDN’T EVEN REMOVE THE WRONG PRICE ADVERTISMENT! Nothing but one problem after another and the employees we’re ZERO help! Needless to say I returned everything she didn’t forget to ring up and will go spend my money elsewhere. Complete waste of a trip!