Linda Grussemeyer

Joe and I went there on Saturday for lunch we arrived at 11:30. We were the only customers they had at that time. The hostess seated us, the waitperson came over and took our drink order, and asked us if we were ready to order. Joe and I told her no we wanted to look over the menu, she said in the meantime she would get us our bread-and-butter, when she came back she asked us again if we were ready to order, we told her yes, I ordered shaved steak for Joe with french fries and a Caesar salad on the side and for myself I ordered a crab cake on a bed of lettuce with a wedge of lemon and a cup of lobster shrimp bisque. The wait person broad out Joseph Caesar salad and my cup of soup, when I looked at it I didn’t know what in the world to think so I gave it a taste it didn’t taste much better than it looked it look like it came out of a food processor and a few pieces of lobster and shrimp were added to it, it was salty and a overwhelming fish taste. Joseph loved his Caesar salad he said it was really good. Then sandwiches came, Joseph shaved steak sandwich well the steak was like 1/8 of an inch thick not shaved but he said his french fries were great. My crab cake that was on a bed of baby bibb lettuce, on the menu it said lump crab cake I only found two small pieces of lump crab meat and the rest of it was filled with a cream sauce and pimentos. All I could taste was pimento. I do not and I mean do not recommend this restaurant to anybody. Oh by the way why we were sitting there a gentleman came over to our table and asked how do you get waited on around here, is there someone should take care of you. We told him that we were the only ones there until they came in and the gentleman told me they have been sitting there for about 15 minutes waiting for someone.