Lil Celtic Thing

Really cool historical site but questionable staff. I went here with a group of friends to check out the area and by the time we had gotten there it was dark, but we decided to explore anyway because there are no hours of operation listed and no signs that say that they’re closed after sundown. We DID make a concious effort to look for such signs. We weren’t acting suspiciously at all, merely walking around the grounds. When we were about to leave, two cars came speeding up the driveway at 90 miles an hour (not exaggerating) and one of them SPED UP when she saw me still walking across the driveway, so much so that I had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. I am convinced that she was trying to hit me, as me and my friends all heard her motor distinctively rev as soon as her headlights hit me. The woman in the car began interrogating me and my friends about why we were there, clearly assuming that we were trying to break in. She let us go eventually, but this whole incident really shook me up (clearly I almost got run over). I realize that going in the dark isn’t the best of ideas, but all of this was extremely unnecessary and could have been easily avoided if there were signs. Also, no matter what the situation is, that woman should definitely NOT have purposely tried to hit a teenager with her car going 90 mph.