Lee Adams

Big fat tasty wings and awesome buffalo chicken nachos! The name of this place does NOT suit it well I hate to say. Kinda dumb actually, but once you go inside to see the place and realize how good the food is, you don’t care why they chose to name it that. All I know is we just found the best place for wings and nachos!! They only sell Pepsi soda products tho, wasn’t liking that part but you can’t have everything. Today was the first time my lady friend and I went there, on a whim just looking for some place different to eat, having no clue what kind of place this was, it was our lucky day that the wings were half off all day and the appetizers were also half off (limited hours tho) on Wednesdays. We left very satisfied and with leftovers to enjoy tomorrow. It’s a big sports bar with TVs all over the place with games on from about every sport. They even have TVs at each booth table too where you can change the channel and volume, never seen that before. We’ll be going back for sure, most likely only on Wednesdays though.