Laura Federico

I’ve only ever been to a Bob Evan’s once. I’ve avoided the restaurants in general for most of my life, simply because they feel like a very disappointing and dingy place to go. Doesnt matter where or which one, there is just something off putting in general for me. A friend was very insistent that we stop there for lunch though, so I went. Now keep in mind that I walked into this with incredibly low expectations of the atmosphere, food, and cleanliness. I was actually pretty impressed. As soon as you walk in, there was a nice little “gift shop” of sorts, sporting their gear. It was quaint. The layout was nice, we picked seats more towards the entrance. The menu had a lot of decent sounding options to choose from. We both ended up getting the chicken pot pie. The food came out quicker than expected which means that it was definitely precook and frozen. As far as taste goes, it definitely wasn’t my favorite, but still much better than I expected it to be. The restaurant overall was clean and the staff was friendly. I definitely won’t go back again unless prompted, but that is my own personal thing, it just isn’t the type of food or place I like. If you’re already a fan of Bob Evan’s and go there regularly, this one was definitely pretty nice.