Kyle Holmgren

Food was a little pricey for the tiny morsels that they served, but overall good quality. If the prices (or portions) were right, this place would’ve very well gotten 5 stars from me. As it was, my 1-person bill came to $36 ! Normally, this kind of price would be enough food for 4 meals, at least !! But I left this place feeling just as hungry as when I went in. On the plus side, service was great. The wait staff were all very friendly. But my waitress, Autumn, took customer-relations (customer service) to another level. Non-presumptuous, non-generalizing, very open-minded, and completely non-biased, SHE is an example of what every customer-focused business needs, but most are lacking. I was so impressed with her top-notched friendliness, service, and attention to me that I left her an $8.00 tip, and it was totally worth it. If you go here, ask for Autumn to be your server, you won’t be disappointed !!!