Kristen Bain

Food is terrific, but the service leaves much to be desired. On our first visit, our open table reservation was lost without explanation. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long to be seated. But when we did finally have a server join us, we mentioned that we would need to be conscious of timing since we were seeing a show at 8pm. The server responds with “yea, you and everyone else”. WHAT? I get it, many of your customers dine before going out for entertainment, but the attitude wasn’t necessary. And that’s why we made a reservation, so we wouldn’t have to rush.

Sadly, we had to wave down a different server so that our food order could be taken since the one taking care of our table didn’t return after dropping off our drinks.

I don’t know if we just happened to have the one bad server, or catch her on her worst day… But I probably won’t return. There are plenty of other restaurants that are willing to appreciate my business.