Kevin Cole

Very irritated with this location. With everything going on in the world right now, of course I’m ordering take out food online rather than in person. I went to order from the Milford location and assumed the website would use my phone’s location rather than default to Dover. I was wrong, saw the order confirmation for Dover, tried to call and correct the matter. I was placed on hold for 6 or 7 minutes and was hastily told they are too busy to deal with this right now and they would call me back that night or first thing in the morning. I assumed they would NOT make the sandwiches with what I explained. They still made them as I was almost 50 miles from that location. I received no call back last night, no call today, I had to call them. I was told that since the sandwiches were made, I’m out, no refund. I tried to rectify the situation and was told they were busy. I still ordered and paid again in Milford.. I go to Capriottis frequently, but I think I’m totally done after this. Try having a little bit of compassion if someone makes an honest mistake and attempts to fix it. Even if they were already made, it’s a couple bucks of steak wasted for someone who spends hundreds of dollars a year there.