Katie K

We just moved here a couple months ago and I’ve been putting off trying to find a new place to take my little boys for haircuts because it’s always a slightly traumatic experience for all of us. But, they were all starting to look like Shaggy and I couldn’t procrastinate anymore so after much searching and only getting recommendations for places nearly an hour away, I decided to try this place simply because it was close. I am so glad I did.
First of all, nice little shop. Clean. Quiet. Heather and Mary knocked the big boys hair out and had them looking sharp in just a few minutes and then we moved on to the toddlers. I was nervous because past experience has not been good trying to get them to make it through a cut without freaking out and at this point the shop was filling up with older customers that I really didn’t want to bother. But these ladies were spectacular. They moved quickly despite the squirming. They talked reassuringly to them. Both boys came out of it with neat haircuts and surprisingly little tears, total win! And all the customers were super sweet, seriously, high 5’s for the boys and chit chat instead of dirty looks and judgment I’ve come to expect over the crying parts. Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had with barber shop and small kids. We will definitely be back!